How to Reach out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a job, then LinkedIn is a platform that you will want to be familiar with. Recruiters are all over LinkedIn, and if you are looking for a job, you can use LinkedIn to get in touch with recruiters.


Getting a job is a difficult process. It’s a process that can take a few years and college can only get you so far. At some point the line of communication stops and you have to use your own skills to get a job. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the different ways you can reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn and use some of the different tools available to recruiters.

Table of Content

1. Why choose LinkedIn for job search?

2. How to find the right recruiter?

3. How to reach out?

4. How to do the follow-up?

Conclusion: Learn how to become proactive in reaching out to recruiters.

Why choose LinkedIn for job search?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site with over 546 million members. With a mission to connect the world’s professionals to drive business growth, LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for job seekers and recruiters.

A combination of a resume and a social network, the site enables users to create a professional profile, build and engage with their professional network, find jobs, and more. With millions of members globally, LinkedIn is one of the best methods of job search, as recruiters spend hours on the site searching for the right candidate.

How to find the right recruiter?

The best way to find a recruiter is to search using the search bar at the top of LinkedIn. This is the best place to start, as it gives you a list of results with matches from your network. You can then sort the results by relevance, or use the Advanced People Search. In addition, you can also simply type the name of a recruiter in the search bar.

If you’re still having trouble finding a recruiter, connect with a few recruiters from your network, and they may be able to give you a contact.

How to reach out the Recruiter?

The world of recruiting has always been a competitive one, but with LinkedIn it has become even more so. If you want to be sure your resume is seen and considered, you need to know how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. First, find a recruiter you want to connect with and then click on the “Connect” button. After that, you can send a message that says “I’m interested in learning more about your company and the position you’re hiring for.” Be sure they’re looking for new workers and you’re a good match.

You can also ask them for help and ask if they would like to take a look at your resume and help you find a job that fits you. You can say that you’re looking for a new job and ask if they know of any positions that you might be a good fit for. If they say yes, then follow up with questions about the job and see if you might be a good fit for it. If they say no, look elsewhere! There are lots of jobs out there and it’s important to be persistent and make a good impression.

How to do the follow-up?

If you want to be a great job-seeker and someone who is easy to work with, you need to follow-up with recruiters! While follow-up seems like a no-brainer, many people forget to do it. It’s the first line of contact and without it, you’re already behind the curve. So how do you follow-up? First, wait for a few days after the initial contact to avoid coming off too eager.

Then, write a short and simple email thanking the recruiter for their time and interest and explain why you’re a great fit for the job. Don’t go overboard and explain everything you’ve ever done and instead include a short and concise résumé and list future availability. This will show that you genuinely want the job and want to work with the recruiter.


If you’re looking to get your foot in the door with a great company, we recommend checking out LinkedIn and reaching out to recruiters there. Be sure to follow the tips we’ve provided here and we hope you’re able to find a great position and company that you’ll love!

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Keep an eye out for our next blog post and we’ll see you then.

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